🚀 What is new

  • We have introduced self-service or heyvie Pro. This means that you can now use the app on your own. You can choose between an annual or monthly subscription and get access to the modules Migraine, Back Pain and Resilience.

  • Daily Bites: You can now find 5 Daily Bites in your library under the *Learn* tab. Daily Bites are short and snappy information on the topics of migraine, neurocentric training & others.

  • We have added our new eBook to the library for you. Here, Hady compiled the most important background information on the brain, training and the topics of migraine and tension headaches.

  • You can find the most important changes in detail in the latest changelog, which you can now access via the app. Settings -> Version number -> check the latest changes!

🐛 What has been fixed

  • We have corrected minor language and translation errors in the app.

  • Higher, faster, further. We have also made a performance optimization.

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